Sri Nanda-Nandanastakam

sucaru-vaktra-mandalam sukarna-ratna-kundalam sucarcitanga-candanam namami
sudirgha netra-pankajam sikhi-sikhanda-murdhajam ananga-koti-mohanam
namami nanda-nandanam
sunasikagra-mauktikam svacchanda danta-panktikam navambudanga-cikkanam
namami nanda-nandanam
karena venu-ranjitam gati-karindra-ganjitam dukula-pita sobhanam namami
tri-bhanga-deha-sundaram nakha-dyuti-sudhakaram amulya ratna-bhusanam
namami nanda-nandanam
sugandha-anga-saurabham-uroviraji-kaustubham sphuracchri-vatsalanchanam
namami nanda-nandanam
vrndavana-sunagaram vilasanuga-vasasam surendra-garva-mocanam namami
vrajangana-sunayakam sada sukha-pradayakam jagan-manah pralobhanam namami
sri-nanda-nandanastakam pathed ya sraddhayanvitah tared-bhavabdhim
dustaram labhet tadanghri-yugmakam

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana (the son of Nanda Maharaja, Krishna), whose face is extremely delightful, from whose beautiful ears hang jewelled earrings, and whose entire body is anointed with fragrant candana.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, whose eyes are more beautiful than the fully-bloomed lotus, whose head is beautifully adorned with an arrangement of peacock feathers, and who enchants millions of Cupids.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, from whose beautiful nose hangs an elephant-pearl, whose teeth are brilliantly shining, and whose bodily complexion is more beautiful and lustrous than a fresh rain cloud.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, whose lotus hands hold the flute, whose lingering gait defeats even that of an impassioned elephant, and whose dark limbs are beautified by a yellow shawl.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, whose three-fold bending posture is exquisitely elegant, the effulgence of whose toe-nails puts to shame even the moon, and who wears invaluable jewels and ornaments.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, whose body exudes an extraordinarily beautiful fragrance and whose broad chest is adorned with the kaustubha jewel and the mark of Srivatsa.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, Vrindavana’s expert lover who dresses in a manner that enhances His charming, playful pastimes, and who pulverized the pride of Indra.

I offer pranama to Sri Nandanandana, who as the lover of the Vraja gopis perpetually delights them and who enchants the minds of all living entities.

Whoever regularly recites this Sri Nanda-Nandanastakam with deep faith will easily cross the seemingly insurmountable ocean of material existence and attain eternal residence at the lotus feet of Sri Krishna.

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